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Who May Join:
Veterans of Military Service, Employees of the Federal Government, the State of California, the County of San Diego, the Cities located within San Diego County, members of the armed forces or the organized reserve components of the armed forces, retired members of any of the above organizations, and the dependents and immediate family members of any active Club member. Service academy midshipmen or cadets, college students enrolled in an ROTC program, and basic or advanced student pilots with no military or civil service affiliation are also eligible. If you have any questions or doubts as to your eligibility, call one of the Board Members.

Ways To Get Information and Join:
1. To expedite the application process, submit our APPLY TO JOIN AFAC form online.
2. Call 24 hour Answering Service (858) 874-AFAC.
3. Call or email a Club Officer listed below on this page or attend a Club meeting.
4. Visit Gibbs Flying Service (858) 277-0310 and see our aircraft.

Private Pilot Certificate:
After joining AFAC, a member can select an instructor of their choice from the list of approved AFAC Instructors, or request assistance from the AFAC Training Officer. The instructor will provide information on aircraft, procedures and general requirements for getting started.

The FAA requires a MINIMUM of 20 hours instruction and 20 hours of solo time before you are eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate. However, FAA studies report that the National Average is 71 hours (42 dual & 29 solo) at an average cost of $7,500 ($81/hr aircraft and $40/hr instructor) to attain the Certificate.

Certificated Pilots:
You may want to get checked out in one or more AFAC aircraft.

If you would like to instruct in AFAC, contact the AFAC Training Officer.

Training and Check Out:
AFAC Instructors provide instruction for Private, Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor, and ATP Certificates. All flight instruction is arranged on a personal basis between the member and their instructor.

All aircraft except the ones we lease when necessary based on demand, to be operated exclusively by AFAC, are owned by the members of AFAC. All are based at the Gibbs FBO at Montogomery Field.

While operating an AFAC aircraft, individual members and AFAC have Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverage. Members may be liable for damage resulting from negligence, carelessness or pilot error up to but not exceeding $1000 per incident or accident.

Club Meetings:
Normally held in February, May, September, and December on dates and locations announced by email and in the monthly "Brief Sheet" newsletter, which is posted under Club Information. The location is generally at the Montgomery Field Operations Building in the Conference room, a hangar, or other place on or near the airport, depending on what activity is planned.

Monthly Newsletter:
The Brief Sheet is published on this web site or sent to Active members on request each month, and contains information about AFAC activities and aviation articles. Members are encouraged to write articles for the Brief Sheet. New edition posting notices are sent out first through Facebook and Twitter, followed by email via ScheduleMaster to active members.

Once a Member, Always a Member:
As a member of AFAC, you are permanently listed as an Active or Inactive Member. You may inactivate your membership if you are no longer able to fly with AFAC. (Deployed, move from the area, etc.) When you return to the area, you may reactivate your AFAC membership for a nominal fee.

Contact Info:
Use the table below to reach individual Board Members. Effective July 1, 2015, the AFAC business mailing address for payments and all Club correspondence, which is handled by the Treasurer, is:

8908 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

Board Member (2018-2019)


Home Phone

Alt Phone


Ed Christensen President 720-299-2747 720-299-2747
Nigel Worrall Vice President 858-705-1986 858-705-1986
Ray Lemque Secretary 619-395-3817 619-395-3817
Jason Schoger Maintenance 619-565-4807 619-565-4807
David Billings Treasurer 619-670-5383 619-865-4537
David Piontek Ops & Safety 858-592-0874 858-449-7350
Wes Weesner Training Officer 619-985-1220 619-985-1220

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